Goings-On in the World

My Grandkids Awakened Me

Climate change is not the most fun thing to think about. Indeed, it’s sobering and, due to its vastness, can be paralyzing. Precisely because of its vastness across space and time, affecting all life, and destroying some, for decades to come, it’s a moral responsibility to think about, if not act to change, climate change. For me this awakening came from my grandkids. -Written by Dr. Bob Eng, CFA

9 Days in May: the End of Oil

My 6-year-old grandson loves to tell stories, at the end of which he tosses up his arms and proclaims emphatically, “The end!”


Oil has not come to an end, but the trend is unmistakable and unstoppable. Its dominance as the world’s primary source of energy has peaked. Over the course of nine days in May, the outlook for oil’s role in global energy suffered notable setbacks. -Written by Dr. Bob Eng, CFA

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